Amanda_copy.jpgI hope to learn how to use a Promethium board, and I should probably learn how to spell this. I think that technology can be INCREDIBLY useful for teaching and for giving students opportunities to practice skills. SMART board technology and technology like it is not only incredibly useful due to it's ability to do so many different processes and actions than before, but also students think it is fun and high-tech and seem to enjoy using the technology. Their wanting to use the technology and being interested by it will contribute to their paying attention more and will thereby cause more information to be absorbed into their sensory and hopefully working memories. I also want to learn how to use other programs to make my life easier when I start to teach

I can see technology being really useful in my classroom. I have learned how to use Excel to make CBM graphs as well as FBA graphs. I have also learned how to make a progress monitoring chart using word. I use the Promethium board in the placement I'm currently in every time I teach. It works really well in accomplishing my goals, and my students love coming up and getting to do work on it. The scheduling website, the name is escaping me, that you showed us early on came in VERY handy when I was trying to arrange a time for a group in my Comm250 class to meet. I can see that being useful in trying to find a time to schedule an IEP meeting. I love Powerpoints that have links to other slides or other documents within them, and I can see myself using them when teaching students.

It would be really nice to be able to put Promethium board and SMART board software on our computers due to our being able to use them in our field placements. I always had to either stay late or come in early to set up the flipcharts on my mentor teacher's computer. That's really all that I can think of at this time. I know a few of people in our class had a LOT of trouble completing the required CBM and FBA graphs in Excel, I know this because I seemed to be the "go to" girl in helping people complete them. Perhaps a little more time could be spent in explaining these assignments? I know there were step-by-step instructions provided, but for some reason, people were really distraught in fulfilling this requirement. I never looked at the instructions, so they might be wonderful. Perhaps those people didn't look at the instructions. Adding more time is just a minor suggestion; I'm not sure if it is truly necessary.