I chose to be a part of Special Education because I want to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs and show them their true potential. I think that the use of technology in the classroom can be a helpful resource and educational tool. In particularly, I want to learn about various types of technology that can provide hands-on learning opportunities for students in the classroom and enrich my instruction.

Overall, I feel that the technologies that I learned to use this semester will be helpful both during student teaching next semester as well as in my future in special education. I was excited to learn about using the SmartBoard because I feel that using the SmartBoard is an interactive way to present lessons and provide students with instructional activities. I also felt that learning more about the use of graphs was beneficial. Graphs are a way to monitor students’ progress and represent results of students’ performance and interventions used. I used graphs this semester to track and record my results from my Curriculum-Based Measurement interventions in reading and also the behavioral interventions used in my Functional Behavior Analysis. I also enjoyed creating a motivational poster. As many students in special education must be motivated extrinsically, posters could definitely be used in my classroom in the future. I feel that the technology instructor and the other special education professors should collaborate to better prepare students for the assignments throughout block.