I hope to learn many new technologies this semester as I prepare to teach in special education. There are so many useful technologies that could benefit my students and myself. I hope to become skilled in using a SmartBoard and to find several resources that will provide fun and interesting ways to incorporate technology into my classroom. Having technological knowledge is very important for students today and my goal is to become comfortable with the most recent technology, so that I may pass that knowledge to my students.

This semester I have learned several ways to use technology in my future classroom. Working with data from my methods classes and field experience, I have used technology to analyze results and make clear graphical representations. Making graphs to track behavior and for academic progress monitoring will be very useful in my classroom; using technology makes it quick and easy to see the efficacy of interventions. Learning more about Smartboards in this class was very useful for my future classroom where I can use my own Smartboard for my daily calendar, schedule, lessons, and more. It was helpful to learn about this technology now so that I could practice it in my field experience class and become more comfortable before student teaching and having a job as a teacher.

For future semesters, I would suggest more collaboration and communication of expectations between professors. I would also suggest more practice with Smartboard and similar programs. The demonstration was nice; however, more time to practice and explore may be helpful in increasing comfort level and ease of use. Other than that, I found this class to be very helpful and felt that I greatly benefited from what I learned.