gmotawordle.jpg6173_126419279715_635624715_2567026_7046095_s.jpgPursing a career in special education has not been something I've always wanted to do. I did not get the notion of becoming a teacher until after my soccer injury and my dream of playing soccer ended. I chose special education because there are so many students out there that teachers simply label because they either don't know how or are to lazy to handle them. Students that desperately need help, but do not receive any because of mass stereotypes. Growing up in high school I was stereotyped by teachers. I played sports at a high school where that's all that mattered there. I was given grades to play on Friday's, but they were taking a future away from me without knowing

This course has really helped me a lot. Before taking this class my technology skills were really limited. I didn't access to a computer until I attended college. The use of a spreadsheet was like learning a foreign language. After instruction from this class and many practices from other classes I feel really comfortable using an excel spreadsheet. At my placement I was able to use smartboard all by myself with great success. This class was very useful!

For future use of this class I would recommend a class on how to simply use computer programs before teaching other skills. You'd be surprise how many college students really don't know to mover around their computer successfully.