I must say that I have not always had the best experience with or opinion of technology, so the main thing that I would like to come out of this class is to actually be able to use technology in a way that benefits me as well as my students without me losing my sanity. That means becoming proficient in the most common forms of technology and familiar enough with others to function. I am excited to learn how to take seemingly unrelated types of technology and tie them into my lessons and my students' educational experiences.



I have really enjoyed this class because it has taught us non-conventional ways to use technology that we are already familiar with as well as teaching us new technologies, both complex and simple, that will help us in our classrooms. Particularly being in a classroom that uses a Promethean Board every day, I have realized how much the field of technology is growing for both teachers and students. I feel that I will use a lot of what we learned this semester in both my student teaching and my own classroom. Everything from the motivational posters to the graphing of data I think will be highly beneficial to know how to do.