I decided to be a special education teacher because I watched my sister grow up with a learning disability and saw everything that she and my parents had to go through. I want to help students just like her and change those students' lives forever in a positive way.

In this class, I want to learn how to use the EXCENT program to make an IEP. I also want to learn about neat ways to show my students information, ways that they have never seen information presented before. I am hesitant in using technology. I find it often confusing and hard to work with. However, I know that the use of technology will better the learning of my students. Therefore, I am eager to learn about productive, instructional technological strategies for my future classroom.

During this semester, I have seen many different ways to use technology in the classroom. Technology is a very valuable resource and is very important to include in teaching. The Promethean boards are great tools for the classroom. Every lesson that I taught, I used a previously made flip chart for direct instruction (model, guided practice, and independent practice). It allows you to flip back and forth through definitions and examples, and edit the content you have written.Students enjoy them, teachers have many more options of presenting content, and they have an abundant amount of capabilities. I want to teach students in middle school with learning disabilities, and a great way to review content with students is to use quizlet.com flashcards. I also like the option of using polleverywhere.com for different activities in the resource room. This is a great tool for reviewing content, and to see percentages of student answers to determine their level of understanding. As a special educator, I will be using EXCEL quite often and this class presented me with instructions of how to use it effectively.

I have seen the importance of "mixing it up" in the classroom, and the technology we have been presented with in this class has been very helpful for that reason. In the future for EDF 425, I recommend teaching students how to use the Promethean board. I have found this to be the most helpful piece of technology in the classroom thus far. Overall, this class was very helpful and I enjoyed learning about technological possibilities for my future classroom.