I am a special education major because I love working with children with disabilities and just want to be able to make a difference in their lives. It is very rewarding when you help a child with a disability accomplish a task, however small it is, and I enjoy seeing student's reactions when they are able to accomplish something. I have always enjoyed working with students with disabilities, and it is just something I really enjoy.
I think technology is a really great thing, but I do not really know how to do much with it on the computer besides e-mail, facebook, and searches. I am looking forward to learning how to use the Smart Board and the Excent IEP program because those are two things I will definitely need to be proficient with when I am on my own in the classroom. I am really open to learning anything new about technology because I know it will all benefit me in the long run. So far, the things we have seen in this course, such as the quizlet page and the wordle site, seem like really good resources I will be able to use in the future.

There was a very limited amount of technology used in my practicum classroom this semester. There was a smartboard in the room, but the teacher rarely used it. The only time it really got used was when I used it in teaching a lesson, but I really did not know how to do much with it. However, I would like to incorporate more technology, such as the use of a Smart Board, into my future classroom because the kids love using it, and it is very interactive. As for using technology for things like making CBM graphs, I think it would be very challenging to make and keep up with a graph for every student I taught. However, once the initial graph is set up, it is very easy to just enter in a data point, and you can see the student's progress towards the goal immediately. We have learned a lot about technology this semester, and I would like to use a lot of it in my classroom; it might just be challenging to try to fit it all in.

I think it would be helpful for future semesters in this course to teach more about the different kinds of software programs teachers can have on their computers and use in their classrooms. I just am not aware of what all is out there, so it would be helpful to be exposed to more programs teachers actually have access to in their classrooms. I also would like to have more time learning about the Smart Board. We had a whole class on it, but I felt like we learned more about how to write and erase things than we did learning about actual activities to use in the classroom and how to access them. The course was well-structured and could be improved with just these few adjustments.