I am a special education major who is constantly creating bigger and better goals for myself and whatever environment I am in (especially in the classroom or school). I hold myself to high standards professionally and I believe being educated in the most recent technology is part of my responsibility to my future students, colleagues, and myself. I look forward to learning more about what technology can do to improve my impact on my future students and my own personal life.

Before taking this technology class I considered myself to be above average in my knowledge base of technology. I was worried the class would be a fairly remedial course and that I would feel bored. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by the information this class had to offer. I was glad to see that we got some hands on experience with the SmartBoard software and creating different academically relevant activities for use on the SmartBoard. I can certainly see myself utilizing the tools I have used in the SmartBoard program in my future lesson plans. I found the in-class workshops for our progress monitoring graphs and charts to be especially useful. I know for a fact that CBM and progress monitoring will be a part of my classroom routine as a teacher so knowing how to easily create digital versions of these graphs will be a most useful tool. I also thought the posters in the form of "demotivational" posters were fun to make an a cool way to incorporate modern culture into learning and to create a positive learning environment. While I liked the cute programs/websites like wordle and the doodle poll creator, I feel that there are programs that are more directly related to helping our students succeed.

Suggestions for this class next year: How to create audio/video podcasts, help developing E-Portfolio, networking with other classes/schools to expand students' knowledge of culture through video/on screen (think Cisco commercials.