Welcome to the Technology Wiki for Clemson University Special Education Majors

This Wiki is dedicated to supporting the Fall 2009 Special Education section of
EdF 425 - Technology Strategies for Teaching. It is a collaborative document that will include resources
provided by your instructor, as well as contributions made by students. This Wiki will serve as a record
of what we do in our class this semester, but it will also, perhaps more importantly, serve as a treasure chest
of ideas, strategies, and information that will be of use to you during your student teaching and after you
take jobs after graduation.

The key thing to remember, as we consider how technology might benefit you and your students, is
that there is no inherent value in using technology with your students. The value comes from using technology
well to engage, inspire, and assist your students. Technology can help you become more effective and more efficient
in your professional life, but it's not an automatic. Your challenge is to identify technologies and techniques that
work for you and your students and that have sufficient payoff to make the effort worthwhile. You have lots of options,
and the more you explore with a professional mindset, the more technology will become one of your greatest assets
and the less it will seem mysterious and burdensome.

We're in this together. Let's get busy...

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